Virgin Mary Mother in Ephesus

Virgin Mary in Ephesus There are 3 important stories of Mary during the period of Jesus. During the time Jesus Christ lived on earth, “Mary” became a very common name. This is why there are many women with this name in the Bible. Three of them have a close relationship with Jesus. Of these three […]

Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus, Turkey

Pope in Virgin Mary's House

The story of the Virgin Mary’s House in Ephesus Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824) It was through Anne Catherine Emmerich that the Shrine of Our Lady of Ephesus was discovered. While it is quite true that Mary’s cult was practiced in Christian Ephesus, and that one could speak of Our Lady of Ephesus in that sense, […]

Biblical Ephesus Tour

Biblical Ephesus Tour (Private and Full-Day) Itinerary You will be picked up by your guide from your meeting point. Your first stop will be the Temple of Artemis, where you will spend about 15 minutes. You will enter Ephesus from the upper city of ancient Ephesus ruins with your guide. You will be admired by; […]

The House of the Virgin Mary

The House of the Virgin Mary around Ephesus City According to Christian belief, the Virgin Mary may have spent her last days in this house which was erected on the slope of Bulbul Mountain. Indeed, she may have come to the area together with Saint John, who spent several years in the area to spread […]