The importance of the city of Ephesus founded 3000 years ago

Ephesus was founded as a colony by Athens in the 10th century BC. When it was first founded, people dedicated the city to Goddess Artemis, who is known as the maiden huntress goddess of Greek culture.

Ephesus Ruins - The importance of the city

Buildings in the ancient city of Ephesus

Domitian Temple

Domitian Temple

Domitian Temple Ephesus Turkey Ephesus City was a granted city that had temple wardenship for the first time by Emperor Domitian (81-96). Domitian Temple is

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Ephesus Theatre Turkey

 Ephesus Theater Turkey Grand Theatre is one of the most impressive monuments in Ephesus City. The building locates on the western slope of Panayir Mountain

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Buildings near the ancient city of Ephesus

Selcuk Castle 03 2

Selcuk Castle

Selcuk Castle The Selcuk Castle is situated on a hill to the north of the church. It is a Byzantine structure, repaired during the Aydinogullari

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Ephesus Marbles

Ancient Ephesus Marbles It turned out that the blocks from the ancient marble quarry, located in the Kizilagac area at an altitude of 400 meters

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