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Magnesia Gate Ephesus Turkey

Magnesia Gate in Ephesus Turkey

Magnesia Gate
Magnesia Gate

Magnesia and Koressos were the two main entrances of Ephesus. Magnesia Gate was located in the South of the city. They called it as “Magnesian Gate” because the gate is facing the way of Magnesia City, which was located south of Ephesus.

The Magnesia Gate in Ephesus was used also by Romans to defend the city of Ephesus more effectively against people who want to invade the city in ancient times. Its architectural design is unique and very durable. Magnesia Gate was a triumphal arch gate and had three openings with varied purposes. The middle arch was the largest for the vehicles to pass through. The two openings that were provided in the two separated ends of the gate were designed to save as entrances for all pedestrians and these two other arch gate was used by only human beings and animals who were allowed to pass on the two openings that were provided in both ends of the gate.

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