Odeon – Ephesus Concerts Theatre

The Odeon - Ephesus Concert Theatre

The Odeon

The Odeon was used by members of the City Council, wealthy and executive people of Ephesus and Curetes gathered for governmental discussions about the future of the city and also listened to musical concerts. The expenses of the structure were supported by P. Vedius Antonius and his wife Flavia Papiana, who were among the wealthy inhabitants of the city.

ephesus odeon bouleuterion
Ephesus Bouleuterion – Ephesus People’s Assembly

It was used as a Bouleuterion which was for the meetings of the Bouleia or the Senate. Bouley had religious, executive, political, and judicial power. In Ephesus, the two councils were Demos and the Parliament. Demos or Parliament was open to the public and was taken place in the Grand Theatre and the Bouleia which was for their meetings in Bouleuterion.

The members of the Bouleia were the high class of the city. Ephesus was administered by the Senate and was selected by the main council. The important decisions about building; temples, theatres, baths, and the collection of taxes were the most common topics of the city matters.

The is semicircle form and there are three main sections; cavea, orchestra, and stage building. The capacity of the structure is about 1500 spectators with three doors opening from the stage to the podium.

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