Nike Sculpture Ephesus

Nike Sculpture

Ephesus Nike Sculpture, Turkey

The Nike Sculpture, which is now located northwest of Domitian Square, was originally the centerpiece of the monumental arch of Hercules Gate, which led to Ephesus‘ downtown. Generally referred to as the winged angel of Victory, the triangular sculpture is a representation depicting a wholesome and hearty Nike. Her leading hand holds a knitted crown of olive leaves, symbolizing “Victory.” Her trailing hand nabs a palm tree branch, symbolizing “the fruits of victory” like peace and prosperity. Because her leading hand is holding the crown, it takes precedence over the palm branch that her trailing hand releases. It is indisputable that victory is the peak of success, and it brings forth the next rewards. Today, the Nike sculpture is accepted as the pride and joy of Ephesus and is located at Domitian Square.

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