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Memmius Monument Ephesus Turkey

Memmius Monument

Memmius Monument
Memmius Monument

Memmius Monument was built by Memmius who was one of the prominent people of Ephesus in 87 B.C to honor Roman Dictator Sulla. It is one of the few architectural monuments which has survived to the present date at Ephesus and dates from the late Hellenistic Period. The name Memmius in Both Greek and Latin was recorded on the first level of an inscription that was found during the excavation in 1960.

Regarding the architectural figure of the building, it is thought that there was a structure above the pedestal, which had circular niches facing east, south, and west. The caryatids, which carried capitals in the form of baskets were supporting the arches of the niches. The northern side which faces the hillside was probably not decorated or the decoration of this part had been completed.

It was a triumphal monument concerning the Romans’ emancipation from the Pontic armies. On the western side of the structure, a large fountain was erected in the 4th century AD. Located on a square pedestal, the structure originally had four frontages on which the soldiers of Sulla sculptured. The virtues of Sulla were symbolized by the reliefs on the original monument. It had an inscription that referred to dictator Sulla’s capture in 1 BC.

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