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Strabo, author of Ephesus and Geographika

Strabo in Ephesus

Strabo is the author of Geographika, which is considered the basis for world geography. He is an author who is accepted as the knowledge reference of the ancient world. In this article, we will examine 3 main items that Starbo wrote for Ephesus. In his writings – the sections where Ephesus is mentioned – the […]

Magnesia Gate Ephesus Turkey

magnesia gate 2

Magnesia Gate in Ephesus Turkey Magnesia and Koressos were the two main entrances of Ephesus. Magnesia Gate was located in the South of the city. They called it as “Magnesian Gate” because the gate is facing the way of Magnesia City, which was located south of Ephesus. The Magnesia Gate in Ephesus was used also […]