Clothing and fashion in Ancient Ephesus

Clothing and Fashion, jewelry, shoes, and hairstyle in Ancient Ephesus How did the Ephesians, who were on the trade routes between Europe and Asia and were a large import and export center with its port, dress in the ancient world? How did they create their fashion? Who were they influenced by in their clothing, appearance, […]

Celsus Library

Celsus Library Ephesus Turkey Celsus Library is a typical structure of architectural style prevalent in the period of Emperor Hadrian, dating back to 2. Century AD. The most well-known building of Ephesus City was built to honor the proconsul (governor) of the Asian province Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, by his son┬áTiberius┬áJulius Aquila. Known as the […]