Ephesus is one of the most significant site in the history of early Christians which got the letter from St john in Patmos, was accepted as one of the Seven Churches of Revelation written in last section of the New Testament of Bible. And the third Ecumenical Council in 431 AD was held in the Church of Mary of Ephesus which is known like Double Church of Ephesus and was built in the reign of Constantine. Almost 200 bishops from all over the empire came to Ephesus for that Council, Nestorius Patriarch of Contantinople claimed Jesus Christ did not have the Divine Character and Virgin Mary is not the Mother of God, Mother of an human being. Then the Council agreed Jesus Christ has the Divine Character and Virgin Mary is the Mother of God and human being and titled her Theotokos, the God Bearer.

For thousands of years Ephesus was very civilized and sophisticated city of the ancient World. For sure many famous people lived in Ephesus the most famous one was Heraclitus who lived in 7BC. His phiolosophy is “No one can wash his body twice in the same river”. Also we should not forget Soranus of Ephesus is a very famous Musician, lived in Roman period. Zenodotus of Ephesus, lived in 3BC, who was the first editor criticized Homer and was the first superintend of Library of Alexandria. Rufus of Ephesus is also famous as an eye doctor.
We also would like to add those very famous Christian people who came and settled in Ephesus such as Virgin Mary, St. John, Maria Magdalena, St. Paul, St. Lucas, St. Timothy and more…

In nowadays Sting, Elton John, Chris de Burg, Lionel Richie, Joan Baez, Julio Elyases, Pavarotti, and Madonna

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