Ephesus is the great city of Turkey in Asia Minor

Ephesus is the great ancient city of Turkey in Asia Minor. It was on the trade route of merchants and traders back then because of the it was very busy trade harbour city of east and West. It was one of the biggest city of Roman Empire after Rome cause population of that city was about 250.000 people. It was very civilized in education, culture and art. The main economy of the city based on trade. That is why it had a trade harbour and was built four times. Whenever the harbour of the city silted up by the river they built always the new city right by the water. The sediment was brougt to the city by Meander river. The ancient city which is open to visitors is the third one, the others were all remained in the town of Selcuk / Izmir (Turkey). Only 10% of the city was uncovered the rest is still waiting for excavations which were started around 1935 and has been still excavating. Austrians are in charge of excavations of Ephesus with the Turkish scholars. The ruins which were excavated and restored are odeon, state agora, odeon, phytanion, temple of Domitian, Memnius Monument, Heracles Gate, Curetes Street, Trajan Fountain, Terrace Houses, Temple of Hadrian, Latrine, Celsus Library, Commercial Agora, The Grand Theatre, Gymnasium, Double Church (Virgin Mary Church). It could be the biggest archeological site of Turkey in this situation. It is so easy to reach to this ancient city because it is far from izmir about 80 km in which there is international airport and far from Kusadası cruise port 21 km. So it is very easy to come to visit Ephesus. Every year thousands of people from all around the World are coming to visit this legendary ancient city of Turkey. Come and explore Ephesus.

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